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Buffalo Grove, Illinois home inspection explains why a Fluke thermal imager is used to inspect a electrical breaker box.

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Buffalo Grove, Illinois home inspection explains why a Fluke thermal imager is used on every electrical breaker box we inspect.  What is thermal imaging?  It is where a technician takes photographs with temperatures.  Most things in the world give or absorb temperature.  We use this to help home buyers or sellers to see what possible issues are in their home.

The Fluke thermal imager is not only used in breaker boxes.  The Fluke thermal imager is also used to tell if there are roof leaks, insulation issues, air leaks on windows, flashing issues and so much more.  We use these Fluke thermal imagers on every inspection to provide the most state of the art home inspection possible for all of our clients.  My clients that hired me for their home inspection in Buffalo Grove were extremely excited when they saw this camera at work.  You can see a video of me doing a home inspection with a thermal imager at ~

The first thing I do when I start the inside of any home inspection is turn on every light / fixture in the home to produce a loaded breaker box.  Generally I don’t start to scan the breaker box for 2 hours after the electric is all turned on.  This allows the circuits to extend to their full potential and allow me to see if there are any issues in the box that will require documenting for my clients.  As you see in my main image that there where issues at the Buffalo Grove home inspection in the box at the main lugs.  This is an easy fix for any electrician.  Do not attempt on tightening the lugs yourself!  This can hurt or kill you if not done correctly.  You can see other issues on breaker boxes at ~ or

As you can see the Fluke thermal imager is probably one of the best tools my company owns and employs for all home inspections.  If you have other questions about our uses on Fluke thermal imagers please contact us at ~

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Buffalo Grove home inspection gives some of the top home inspection issues.

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Buffalo Grove home inspection gives the top 3 home inspection issues that come up regularly on reports.  These issues generally are not expensive, but they can cause more issues if they are not rectified as soon as possible.  The bottom line is that these issues can cost you money if they are left unrepaired.

The 1st issue is the grading of the dirt around the foundation of the home.  This issue also came up on the Buffalo Grove home inspection.  The issue of grading is easily repaired and the cost is minimal, but if left can cause possibly thousands in repairs.  Proper grading, pitches rain water away from the foundation of the home.  If the grading is pitched towards the home it can cause cracks in the foundation which can cause water intrusion into the basement through these cracks.  These cracks are expensive to repair.  You can see repair/replacement costs at ~ .

The 2nd issue is missing or minimal insulation in the attic joists.  This also was an issue at the Buffalo Grove home inspection.  Missing or minimal insulation in an attic can cause the homeowner to have over-inflated utility bills that can be reduced by adding insulation to 12″ – 15 “  deep.

The 3rd issue is the lack of Gfi type electric outlets in the proper areas of a home.  Again, this issue was on the report for the Buffalo Grove home inspection.  These outlets are needed in the bathrooms, kitchens, garages, laundry rooms, unfinished basements, exterior areas of a home and any area where water and electric can meet and cause the occupant to be electrocuted.  These outlets were developed to break when an electric surge or issues with water develop.

There are many other issues that come up regular on our home inspection reports.  Please contact us with any questions you might have at ~ Thank you for stopping by.  Jim Kolke